Blade Repair

Australian Wind Services’ specialist blade repair teams are unmatched in Australia in terms of their size and depth of experience.

The teams of technicians have a combined 20 years experience servicing wind turbine blades. Their extensive knowledge is gained from working directly in blade factories and performing in-situ repairs on a vast range of blade types at wind farms around the world. The ability to perform internal blade repairs in-situ eliminates the need for rotors and blades to be removed, minimizing downtime and providing significant cost savings to wind farm owners.

Blade repair services include:

  • In-situ internal blade repairs using confined space equipment including structural procedures such as web repair
  • External blade repairs including major structural procedures such as tip replacement
  • Internal and External blade inspections
  • Stall strip and vortex tape installation and repair
  • Lightning damage repairs including receptor replacement
blade repair

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