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Wind turbine inspections and reporting

Client: Pacific Hydro

Projects: Cape Nelson (VIC), Cape Bridgewater (VIC), Yambuk (VIC), Callicum (VIC), Codrington (VIC)

Wind Turbine Manufacturers: RePower MM82/2000, NEG Micon NM64/1500, NM72, Bonus B62/1300

Dates: 2009 – ongoing

Pacific Hydro engaged AWS after identifying a need for an inspection program at their Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater wind farms in Victoria. The Australian Wind Services inspection team conducted comprehensive on-site full wind turbine inspections, including internal and external blades reviews.

Each inspection was supported with a detailed report as well as a completion report, outlining all the findings; identified problems and cost-effective solutions. This service is unique in Australia and only offered by Australian Wind Services.

AWS technicians called upon their turbine manufacturing experience to develop, design and manufacture a mould tip solution for a damaged turbine. Australian Wind Services’ streamlined inspections process, and problem solving capabilities, ensured the solution was cost effective and implemented promptly to minimise down time on-site.

Australian Wind Services have gone on to supply Pacific Hydro with a long-­‐term staffing solution providing on-site technicians to complete a program of regular, scheduled servicing, blade repairs and major component replacements at Pacific Hydro three other Victorian locations, at Yambuk, Challicum and Codrington.

Services provided:

  • Full turbine inspections
  • External and internal blade reviews
  • Repair procedure reporting
  • Blade repairs
  • Major component replacements
  • Scheduled servicing at 6­-month intervals


Adrian Ciccocioppo, Wind Farm Supervisor, Pacific Hydro

Pacific Hydro has had an ongoing partnership with Australian Wind Services since 2009 and we continue to be happy with the high quality services they provide. Their technicians are always of a consistently high standard, arriving on site with the right attitude and skills.

The AWS management team, Linda and Kelley, are reliably available and this accessibility ensures they are always able to help and find the right solution for Pacific Hydro.

Pacific Hydro

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