REpower Australia

Turbine construction, repairs and servicing

Client: REpower Australia

Projects: Northbrown Hill (SA), Woodlawn (NSW), Oaklands (VIC), Hallett (SA), Snowtown (SA)

Wind Turbine Manufacturers: Suzlon S88/2100

Dates: 2009 – ongoing

Since 2009 Australian Wind Services have partnered with REpower Australia (formerly Suzlon) to service their five wind farm projects across Australia.

AWS has delivered a ‘one stop’ resource integrating into REPower’s established project team to attend to all REpower’s wind turbine requirements, from turbine construction and repairs to ongoing servicing. Notably, AWS technicians spent 12-‐months on site at REpower’s Snowtown wind farm implementing a program of ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Throughout the years REpower’s wind turbines have operated at optimal levels across all wind farm sites thanks to the experienced team of AWS service technicians maintaining a program of regular, scheduled servicing.

Services provided:

  • Tower installation
  • Nacelle installation
  • Blade and spinner repairs
  • Rotor construction and installation
  • Scheduled servicing at 6‐month intervals
  • Generator change out
  • NCR and TCI work


Mark Groth, former Installations Manager, Suzlon / REPower Australia

Having worked in the Australian wind farm industry for many years I can confidently say that Australian Wind Services are one of the best wind turbine service providers in the country.

You can always rely on their experienced technicians to deliver a high standard of work, whether it be servicing or construction, this is backed up by a professional, comprehensive reporting process.

AWS stand out from the rest simply because their technicians are highly experienced, well trained and continuously have the most up to date safety qualifications.

REpower Australia

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