Australian Wind Services’ servicing teams have a proven track record of decreasing servicing hours while providing unmatched quality and efficiency to our customers.

Our team of technicians have a combined 25 years experience servicing wind turbines throughout Australia and overseas. Together, they have worked on a variety of turbine platforms from leading manufactures including Vestas, Suzlon, REpower, NEG Micon, AN Bonus and GE.

Maintenance Services include:

  • Scheduled Services from 500 hour to 3 year
  • Replacement of major components including generator, gearbox, main bearing, and blades
  • Inspection of major components
  • Upgrading and NCR work


Turbine Constructon

Australian Wind Services' technicians have the skills and training to assemble all components of wind turbines, including tower, nacelle and rotor installation.

With access to specialty personnel, Australian Wind Services is available to manage the installation of large-scale wind farms, coordinating the process from start to finish. Alternatively its technicians can quickly integrate into established site teams to provide service, support and specialty skills.

Main Component Replacement

Australian Wind Services’ skilled technicians have experience in the replacement of main components on multiple wind turbine platforms. Regardless of the scale the project, be it blades, gearboxes, main bearings and generators replacement, the Australian Wind Services’ component replacement team will deliver high quality, cost effective results.


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